Good-bye Goa



11months of vacation! Tempting.

We came to Goa last November. It was excitement + apprehension. Never did we get to stay at a vacationing land in all these years of hopping places.

Goa is definitely very different from the rest. Relaxed and laid back, no wonder people are crazy about this place when they want a break from the craziness of the city life. We know enough about the beach side life and action. Visiting is heaven on its own, staying is beyond that. Shops won’t open before 9 in the morning, 1 to 4 in the afternoon is lunch time and hence closed, and seldom is any shop open after 8 in the evening. Even the doctor pulls his shutter down after 8! Why not? Nobody would come this late!  Sunday is like a curfew, and I am not joking. all the shops are on a holiday; medical stores are included when I say shops, but not the wine stores (c’mon, it’s Goa)! May be no one falls ill on a Sunday! And if you do, there are other medicines too 😉 

The natives are so laid back and easy going that I kept wondering how they manage to be never in a hurry. The locals I have observed, almost never honk! They will wait for you to take you own sweet time to go ahead – patiently. They drive with a lot of care and are very considerate.  If you happen to abruptly stop in the middle and someone is blaring the horn like in any other city or giving you those looks, take it for granted, s/he’s not a local.

I go to the only nearby store which is open at 7 (and never before that) to get milk and I spend a good 10 minutes there. No! Not because it’s crowded, exchanging pleasantries. The store uncle knows if someone is not keeping well, he would ask why he dint seen my father for 3 days, he would know if we have guests or anyone is not in the city! And he has updates from every house nearby. He greets my grandmother when she out for her daily – no matter what – walk, knows if my dad is late for office, and where all I went roaming with my friends.

Of all the cities we stayed, this is by far the friendliest place, but also a bit inconvenient too. The vegetarian problems are just….ufff!! 1 bhindi = 1 Rupee. The shops are not so keen on doing business – jo hai wahin rakkha hai. Dekh lo. Public transport is an expensively and scarcely painful. People don’t want to work. The painters took 1 week to scratch off the paint outside the house(groundwork and warming up). Well, they could afford only 2 hours of work after preparing their breakfast, chit chatting, talking on phone,lunch, post-lunch nap and sham ki chai from madam ji.

Well, close to my 1 year anniversary celebrations of coming to this lovely place, I was deported for not studying up to the mark with the excuse of not having company and guidance. Not my fault – the mornings are too comfy to get up and evenings are too beautiful to stay home. The scooty was feeling very lonely 😛 Sitting here in this company and guidance wala place – I miss the sea breeze across my face when a dawdled on my scooty along coast of the Mandovi.


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