I would like it too!


I see them in the morning everyday

Neatly dressed, looking fresh, and hopping their way.

I see them happy, with their bags, in their tidy plaited hair.

I wonder where they go?


I see them for five days in a row

But the next two? No. They don’t go.

Those two days they are quiet

And they don’t go where they go the other five.

They play outside for some time instead. 

I wonder what’s this rule?


Then one day I heard someone say that,

They go to somewhere called school.

They learn from different books which

they carry in their bags.

They have a lot of children in the school.

They sit together and play too!


I too am as big as them.

But  I don’t go anywhere like they do.

I wonder why?


When the next time I saw them

Going to school,

I felt uneasy.

My heart sank and in my stomach

There was a heavy feeling.

I don’t know what it was.

But it did not feel good

At all.

All I knew was that

I wanted to go with them.

To school.


Where I can talk and play with everyone.

Do things that they do.

Learn what they learn about

And know what is Saturday Sunday

that makes everyone so happy around!

But I don’t go with them.

I wonder why?


I wonder why I don’t go to school

But come with these people,

To help pick up bricks.

I wonder why my clothes are so bad and dirty,

Than those kids.

Theirs look so neat and crisp!

And what is it that they sing

Which I have never heard.

And I wonder what is homework

which makes everyone so sick.


I wonder what a school looks like.

And what is that they get to learn.

I wonder what those songs  mean.

And why do they not go to school

For those two days.

When we come to work,

For all days.


I wonder how it will be to be with them.

And I wonder who I can ask?

I wonder if I can be like them!

And I wonder how I will do that.


But I think, If  I get to do what they do

I would like it too!




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