And then they presented ‘The Bat’ – The Ultimate Killing Champion!!

Every time I use it, my amazement multiplies. Of the all the things I have used so far, seen people use or ever heard of, this is by far the best and it gives such a yeah! relief!!

I know I am a bit slow when it comes to awareness –  whether it is the it’s-a-must-read books,  in-trend-must-have stuff, top chart how-did-you-not vanish-without listening-to-this hits, how-are-you-still-alive-if-you-did-not-see-this movies, or you-don’t-deserve-to-exist-when-you-don’t-know this – I’m like one of the last people to know!! 😮
Okay, the point is not that. The point is about this amazing invention which I din’t know existed since 1996 until a few minutes back when I thought of writing this post…and googled.

“US Patent 5,519,963 was awarded to Taiwanese inventor Tsao-i Shih in 1996 for such a device” – says Wikipedia.

Ladies and gentlemen! Presenting to you all……The Bat – The electric flyswatter. They also call it the mosquito bat. But I would like to call it, ‘The Bat’.


The Bat! With that killer instict

The Bat.
The Ultimate Killing champion.
With that killer instinct!


What an incredible piece of plastic, wires, an inbuilt battery, a charging pin, an on-off button and a cute torch!

Being in a tropical country, there are mosquitoes, all the time, and a lot of them! :/ Mosquito-spreaded-diseases are actually not a surprise if anyone gets it. Even if you keep your house safe, you can’t escape them outside. They are everywhere damn it and all the freaking time….and really a lot of them.

There were a variety of not-good-for-skin mosquito repellent creams, a range of the-fumes-may-be-dangerous-hypothesised mosquito repelling (confusing) liquid vapourizers, those cough-inducing-headache-causing mosquito coils, and the traditional don’t-go-out-if-you-want-to-be-safe mosquito nets to save you from the may-be-deadly-but-definitely-irritating-scratchy bites. They all gave a workaround for escaping this deadly little bitch! But one thing they lagged in is that they only make the mosquitoes run from one place to another or just faint at most (if you din’t get a chance to squash the ‘kheema’ out of it).

But this masterpiece – it just kills it. ‘Na rahega baans, na rahegi baansuri’. (It means something close to – neither would there be any bamboo, nor would any flute be played.)
Ya, so this masterpiece kills it. Just kills it. What a delight! I never got happy with something dying. But this brat….it sure does deserve to die.

Ok now the serious observation. I saw this trend in my neighbourhood a few months back. One house got it, the others got it too. Especially the security guards, and road side veggie vendors. Because this one is a one time investment and cheap as well. Oh man! What a routine it had become. Come evening and you would hear ‘tak’ ‘tak’ ‘tak’ ‘tak’. And in a few months, yes, the population of mosquitoes reduced. A lot!! Now there are only a few that are seen flying around. Suckers!

Another thing. Mosquitoes adapt. Very fast. And very well. They had become resistant to all the chemicals thrown in the air. Not they have modified their behaviour. The moment they see someone reaching out for The Bat….gone! Trust me, this was not so when ‘The Bat’ was new in the house.

We might need to improvise sooner or later. Well, thats ok. We are the smarter species. But yes. My respect to the inventor for such a practical and useful invention. I don’t know the usefulness of mosquitoes in the ecological balance, well every species has its role, but this vector of so many diseases needs to take a break from taking so many human lives.

With ‘The Bat’ in my hand, I feel so powerful.  I go on a killing spree. And I’m not lying. It feels soooo good!!

Die bitch! Die!






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