People who harbour fragmented houses should not demand acceptance in others!

I am being appalled every time I see the news about this newly formed Telangana state.

First, it was formed on the mere basis of having development and jobs for the ‘Telangana’ people, which apparently are being taken over by the ‘Andhra’ people. So, there was a lot of politics involved and this state was created. This narrow approach is not going to take us anywhere good.

Second, looking at the approach and mannerism it seems more like anti-andhra than pro-telangana. The recent survey that was conducted, it was for asking about their ancestral background on the basis of which the two categories can be separated. Well, the reasons are being portrayed differently, but the common opinion is that the new state wants to get rid of andhra people, and secure all the jobs and facilities for the telangana folks. Remember, the partition of Bengal back in 1905 was given the face of administrative difficulties when the real reason was fragmenting the hub of anti-British protests? I would draw a similar analogy here.

Third, the blatant acceptance and replies of the man behind the ‘achievement’ of Telangana, doesn’t seem very pleasing. The myopic attitude and irrational competition and hatred will dig its own grave, and the worst affected will be the new generation which will be at the receiving end of all the separatist programs.

This is not the first time India is showing such separatist tendencies. We have the “marathi” protest against the “north-indians“, “tamilian” hatred towards the “hindi” language, the “assamese” resistance against “bengalis“, “punjabi” dislike of “biharis“, “hindu” and “muslim” rivalry, people demanding privileges just because the other section got, people demanding scrapping of privileges of others because theirs will be lessened, and what not.

So, with all this you belong there-i belong here lines existing within our own country, where we have been pledging “all Indians are my brothers and sisters”, with so much inequality going on between our own states, what right does it give us to ask for privileges and equality and rights and what not for Indians in another country?

How can we, being so fragmented and discriminating on the basis of different regions, different cultures, different religion, different languages, and anything different that we can find and think of, even talk about being treated with equality in another country?

What answer will the representatives of India have, be it the ambassador, the Prime Minister, the President or a common Indian living abroad  have when they are questioned about the separatism in our states and the inability of the govt. to do anything about it?

How can we point a finger at another country for targeting Indian students and not giving them enough security when the protection forces in India are indiscriminately killing innocents in broad day light and the govt. fails to do anything about it?

How can we point a finger at another country for targeting Indian students and not giving them enough security when Indians target Indians from another region and the govt. fails to keep a check on it despite repeated occurrence of such instances?

What right does it give us to talk about  humanity, jobs, equal wages, equal opportunity, fair treatment, safety, security and protection for Indians working abroad when the very same things are being denied within the Indian boundaries?

How can the Indian govt. ask another country which wants to secure its national interests not to tighten its visa rules for Indians?

How can we demand anything at all from another country which we are not providing in our own?

I am not saying that we should not look after the interests of Indians working in other countries. I am saying, let’s get our acts straight before we ask for anything. Only when we are doing what we want from others can we expect our demands to be taken seriously and respected!

People who harbour fragmented houses should not demand acceptance in others!


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