The environmental-karma theory

There is this theory, that my mind conceived, all of a sudden, a long time back, like all other innovative ideas got implanted into peoples head, in a flashlight.

It goes:
If you do your bit in protecting the environment – using water judiciously, practicing energy saving habits, not wasting gas or petrol just because you can, turning off the light and fan when you leave the room, aircon and heater too, and other random petty stuff; then the environment will protect you – by making you not visit that coastal area which is at tsunami risk, by keeping you outside the house when an earthquake in imminent, by saving you from that just missed accident, or other dreaded things that people are scared of and blame the fate or ‘nature’.

I don’t vouch for the validity or the degree of correctness in my absurdity, after all it is just in my head. But I believe that this how the law of environmental-karma would work.

Do all the innocents who are victims of floods or earthquakes have voided their environmental responsibility contracts? I don’t have an answer for that. Nobody does.

Nature‘ has is checks and balances. If we come in its way of maintaining its much cherished delicate equilibrium, we would perish. One way or the other.  We would. History is proof.

Like I said, I don’t know what sensibility or logic I can offer to defend this. But by believing in this bizarre notion, I think we would get some motivation or perceived incentive in ‘saving the environment‘ and in return ‘helping the environment save us’!



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