Jobless diary

So there is untold universal rule that you don’t park your vehicle right in front of someone else’s gate or driveway. It’s common sense rather.  Especially when there is this sign: ‘No Parking‘. In case you urgently need to for a short while, take permission from the owners.

Wish it was that simple.  There are new specimens I find daily who think of it as their birth right to park their vehicles wherever they please.  Wherever. Just where ever. 

The security guard who works for a company opposite our house tells those geniuses not to park in front of the gate.  But who gives a damn about his requests or orders or suggestions.  He’s just a security guard. What authority does have.

So there was this gentleman, who took the liberty of parking right in front of our main gate.  Right in front.  Blocking the little ramp we use to get our 2 wheelers out.  Brilliant.  From 10am to 8pm. Wonderful. Nothing else could have pleased us better.

My usually take it easy dad showed us a side which we never saw. Call up the police station. File a complaint. Tell the registration number.  Ask him to tell the owner details.  Download the app for raising complaints. Take a picture showing the number plate. Upload it. There is a whatsapp number to send such photos. Find out.  Send the photo with location details.

Surprisingly,  the police came. In 15 minutes.  And while we were discussing,  the proud owner of the beautifully parked vehicle made an appearance. 

He looked at me and, “you filed a complaint?” His reaction was as if I’m his best friend and stabbed him on his back. Lol. Dad gave him a mouthful.  This guy was a flight personality. Seeing so many people on the opposite team,  this wise chap made the quickest exit one can ever see. There was no point fighting.

And then dad gave the two policemen a mouthful for letting him go without a fine. Woaw! He was on fire!
“Daily there is someone or the other who park  their vehicles in front of the gate.  If I need to I’m going to send 10 complaints daily from this area until people stop doing this.”

He pointed at me and, “she doesn’t have any work. She’ll send complaints from tomorrow.”
(Exact words: Enu kelsa illa euligi. Complaint madtala nalinda)


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