Jobless Diary – 2

Huh! It’s so damn tough to be jobless. You don’t have any deadlines, you don’t have to look up to something, you have so much time that Murphy’s law is at its best. There won’t be any good movies or shows on the TV, the shopping centres would have depressing collection of everything…shoes, bags, make-up, clothes, accessories, home decor, car decor, pet decor…everything, guests would stop coming, your friends would be super busy, there would be no festivals that can give you something to do, and about waiting for your favourite sitcoms to be aired…don’t even get me started on that. 

So one usual uneventful day. Voila! My aunt had some work. Yippee! She wanted to go shopping for her saree work. And just when you think you got something to do, “take her, she anyways is not doing anything”. Wow! Compliments! So I go, to the narrowest streets ever, to find the perfect beads and threads and all sorts of crafty things I could never imagine the existence of.

Apart from my aunts interest, patience, and creative brilliance, it was that shopkeepers management skills that swept me off. I don’t think any MBA degree or diploma can teach you that sharp memory, managing five customers orders at the same time, billing, negotiation, attention and precaution to check nobody pinches anything, that diligence and inclination to keep the customers interest and make sure they will come back to you, and not to the next store wallah who sells exactly the same stuff. All of that single-handedly and all at the same time.

I guess it won’t be a bad idea to consider internship with such local stores where everything is done by one person, no computers, no assistants, no record book to remember what needs to be bought, no store plan sheet to locate things at the blink of the eye, no courses on finance to decide how much discounts can be given, no reference to cross check the cost price, no marketing specialisation to maintain customers.

So we get back home, chat for a while, have dinner, and then I am wondering,“hhmmm!! what next? May be I should apply for jobs!”


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