Book or e-book?

I always had this anti-ebook sentiment.  To me, it didn’t give me the feel of reading a book.  The extreme unexplainable joy of holding the book,  turning one page after the other, and the smell. Ohhh! the smell. Reading an ebook feels so… so… artificial. 
I held this belief for a long time. . Until a moment ago. Ebooks can be a very good option. They give you a lot of flexibility.  As long as you don’t run out of battery in your phone / tablet /  kindle / note / notebook / phablet / or some other stuff they have invented crossbreeding the already crossbred … stufffff.  :/

Travel in a train (in India) and you will know.  8 o’clock dinner. 9 o’clock lights off. And you are like. .. hhhhmmmmm!


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