Fast places, slow places, and chronic vacation spots.

The ease and pace you can get things done with has a good correlation with the place you are in.  There are fast places.. there are slow places…and then there are chronic vacation spots.
Bombay,  is my number one place. Everything is fast.  You can do more work in an hour than you can do anywhere else. You find everything everwhere. And you get it almost anytime you want. Mid night chicken tikkas, 1am pani puri at the beach, Ice cream at 2 am, yummy desserts at 3, or cutting chai at 4. You get it all. There are no weekends, festivals or public holidays that can stop this. Well, it took a glitch when “someone” died. But that’s a different story.
Bangalore, is my number one slow place. For anything you want to get done,  you need a lot of time.  Be it buying a pencil from the nearby grocer, finding an auto wala who will agree to do his job, or getting to a place at anytime of the day…there is traffic…all the time.
And then there is Goa. Where you can hardly find anything. Medical store on sunday? No. Any shop on sunday? Any shop before 10? No. Any shop after 6? No. Any shop from 1 to 4?  No. Daaru (alcohol) anytime, anyday, anywhere? Yes! YES! YES!!

Strictly speaking wrt Indian cities. Worldwide comparison will take another post.
Would love to know about other random places too….from India and abroad. Any inputs?


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