Seriously, whoever came up with the idea of jumpsuits?

As such the fairer sex get all the unfair deals – stereotypes, social pressure, period pain, labour pain, child birth, child rearing, dis-respect, household chores, broken work experience, judgments, ingratitude – you get it. Already women got the worst deal of having to almost undress just to take a leak…..and now jumpsuits. It demands you practically strip before you get to wee.

Now imagine you have to do that at a party. You are risking a very awkward situation just in case some one accidentally walks in….please have locks on toilets….all the toilets…do not let it be a personal choice builders / government / housing regulation type people…All bathroom, rooms, and toilets MUST have locks.

Or, imagine you are in a public toilet, where you have the kind of doors that are partial, just in the middle, anyone can peep from above….or below……



Do you imagine the horror when you are sitting quiet…in the middle of your pee….and a 2 year old girl peeps in from under the door and shrieks in her screechy voice….”who is in there?”….”why can’t we go in that toilet mom?” – Don’t laugh…it has happened to some people….and it is very embarrassing.

So you see what a stupid, impractical, sexist, degrading, humiliating, inconsiderate, idiotic idea this is. What were you thinking?

Its a stupid stupid non-invention!!

BTW….I have a white and yellow jumpsuit with 50 shades of grey lines on it…. I love it!





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