I love how Smilyes can add that emotional touch to rather a bland sounding sentence. it sends across the emotion that the writer wants you to read that in.

“Thank you” can sound as formal at the end of the email as the reader wants to take it.

“Thank you 🙂 ” can take it to a whole new level and make it a bit personable.

If I am in a bad mood / I am at cross with a person – I am not going to take any written text in the best way possible. A smiley though, makes a little bit of difference, if not a lot, to make me a little more relaxed.

And one of my colleagues is amazing at putting Smileys while thanking everyone, well she is great at thanking everyone too! She inserts such refreshing smileys and clip arts that it just makes your day. If you classify being professionalism as eliminating such girly stuff…well then what she does is not professional. But in this world of sharing a funny photo of your colleague to the entire workplace and piggy back riding your boss at a drunk party….the lines are sure smudging.


Anyways, this is how one of her emails read (similar….the names of the participants have been substituted with random words to respect their privacy/identity)

Good afternoon everyone,

‘Pure blond’ wont be here today. I just spoke to her a while ago, and she thanked me for the flowers we sent. She wasn’t expecting them and said they were very beautiful.

She and her family are shocked with the news of her brother. He chose to stop his treatment without informing anyone.

The funeral is next monday and she would take the next two days off.

‘Bloke’ will help us in covering her absence.

Thank you.



Are you freaking kidding me woman. You put a smiley at the end of a message informing of someones demise???????

That was my exact reaction, expect that I used more emphasising word than “freaking”.

Who the ‘freaking’ nut-case puts a smiley at the end of such a message. Have you read your message before sending it. Have you given it any thought while typing out the habitual smiley. Has it EVER occurred to you what genre of message you are typing up and so swiftly hitting the send button. Have you ever freaking used your brains…like EVER in your life?????

You DO NOT put a smiley….anywhere….in a message you are informing others about someone’s ill-health to start with.

You DO NOT put a smiley… any message….to someone you are contacting the first time or spoken to over the phone first (professionally). Dating websites, facebook, stalking….that’s allowed.

You DO NOT put a smiley….at all….when you are sending out an official memo / notice / complaint / warning / record of discussion…..these category of emailing.

You DO NOT… put a smiley….for god sakes… an email…to other  senior management….informing them….that someone has passed away.

Is it that hard to think of on your own????












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