Something to write

I have been planning to write for a while now. When at work some 793 things cross my mind that i would like to write about. And the ideas are just flowing. I feel so super talented and so proud about being a woman to have the ability to think 5 things at the same time.

So after 2 hectic and frustrating days of work, I finally committed the crime of leaving work on time! Did all the leisurely things that i wanted to do – like having the time to visit a friend, watching TV, talking to my husband, checking my personal email (wow right), eating dinner on time, doing the dishes, doing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen – boy I ‘m on fire!! I even had the time (and energy) to do laundry!

I am so super charged to write, I take the list out to write – winters,bosses, medicines, sickies, shoes, Pinterest. Hmmm…..

Not that I am not in a mood, not that it is 9:47 PM, not that I am still frustrated with everything that has been happening at work of late, not that I am tired – there is some truth in what uncle Murphy says – I cannot seem to get the same train of thoughts and ideas that I have been getting at work.  I am just such a dud!

There seems to be some truth in me being creative when I am in a bad mood….words just flow, metaphors just weave themselves, and cliches just take new forms. You should hear me argue sometime, and you should definitely hear what brilliant excuses I can come up with to not wake up early. When I do wake up, I am just admiring myself all day.

May after a day of writing 50 emails and trying to execute my bosses brilliant (read ridiculous) idea which has been keeping me at work so late everyday – I might have exhausted my creativity for the day….week…lets make it a month. Creativity for converting my urge to just tell him that ‘your idea is stupid’ to ‘sure, I’ll do my best’. Creativity for smiling at him everytime I see him when what he should be getting is a placard saying you are a bad leader. Creativity for just just keeping quiet when I want to just give him a piece of mind.

I tell you, we do a lot inside to keep it calm on the surface.Thank God no one can read my mind. Can you imagine??? So for the surface we have smiles and words and silence, and for everything else, we have our blogs.

Yeah I know….I have had a bad day!



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