5 types of jerks at work

We all have a mixed bag of a****les at work, but here are the major categories.

Jerk Type 1: The whinging whiny

This one will only whinge all..day…long about how much they have on their plates, how unfair it is for them to do all this work with no recognition, and how they are not looking for rewards but they would like to be acknowledged for it. They are the only ones who care and how it frustrated them to see others just not give a tiny rats ass about anything around. They are saying how awesome they are but in the tone they have mastered.

All they are asking is…..praise me, pity me, I am a saint.

Jerk Type 2: The bragging busy bitch 

Male of female, this is very similar to JT1 but they are more boastful about how awesome they are. They will rant about how much they get done, how busy they are, how stressed they are, how responsible they are…and blah blah blah…blah blah.

All they are asking is….look at me, I am the best, I am the reason this place exists.

Jerk type 3: The deliberate defier

God this one is so talented at making you want to pull your hair apart. They pretend to listen to you  but they are not. They will not respond to your emails, they will dodge your phone calls, they will avoid you. They will just not do what they need to do. They are absolutely uncooperative and omg driving you insane.

All they are saying is….I know my way around this place, and I will do what I please.

Jerk Type 4: The arrogant annoyer

This one is the one that makes you want to fling a punch at them whenever you they become visible. They are impatient, snappy, and stupid. They will say one thing in front of your boss, another thing behind. They demand their non-organisation become your priority. They will ask for one thing now, and then later change their mind.

All they are demanding is…I am powerful, my work is the most important.

And the winner of all…..

Jerk Type 5: Your boss

Need I say more?



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