That itch…

So it’s now 20 days past from that time which we all resolved would be the turning point for all the habits we want to coming true for us.  Whereas I had never been an avid follower of the New Year Resolution fad, I did have a think about all the pending Must Do’s that I love writing so much. When?  When I read an article about how to set goals and follow through.

So here I was, on my desk, with a fresh notepad and a new pen – all set to write the efficient S.M.A.R.T goals. I had 4 of them. All of them detailfully S.M.A.R.T.


Goal – 1

When I was setting them, obviously I was very practical and gave 1 week to revise the previous weeks so that i can ease back into the course. And I also adhered to the course structure. When did I first enroll for this course… 2015. Yes! Dropped out of 3 sessions and then put this in my must do list by year end list, and well…the result is in front of you. That is not all… I also had a Plan of Attack..LoL! I am just so hillarious. lol-1


LoL – 1


And it continues…

With this one, I love reading. It just gives my thoughts a widened horizon. I am a book hoarder with a very simple dream that every reader has… I will read them all one day. I even

created a goodreads page just for my personal track of what books I have read, and what more I can read (hoard). I love them… and absolutely. I am very traditional when it comes to them- I love books, the hard copy, touch the paper, feel the cover, and smell the pages. If you are a reader, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyways, more on that later…


Ok, now I can go for days without knowing a thing about whats happening in this world (or any other). I know I am not coming across so well here, but let’s face it. That’s the truth, and I admit it! (**shame*). Hence the goal. And I just laugh at the…rofl… plan of attack! Seriously, what the f***ing poop was I thinking. I tell you… I just crack myself up all the time. You should get inside my head sometimes.. it’s very funny! What shit load of lame crap have I written… and seriously… Plan of Attack!!



So obviously I am 5 days late for my first blog post. pfff….


And I was wondering why I was having that feeling that something is missing, didn’t know what it was. When asked I described it as, ‘There is an itch now… I don’t know where’ (abhi khujli hai…pata nahi kahan). Well, hopefully this one tick will scratch it somewhere.


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