Someone stop this time…

Someone please stop this time, or at least tell me what’s going on with it going so fast.. seriously!

Almost 3 and 1/2 months gone?? But I just made my resolutions. I now seriously doubt that the earth is spinning a lot faster than earlier. Can a scientist please take this up and research on it. Please. You will do everyone a huge favour. Please. ok. Please.

So while I crib time’s flying and wait for a miracle to happen, let’s look at it the way it is – time & tide wait for none. Learnt it once, feel it every day.

Here are a few thoughts that will help jolt back to reality.

#1you think you have time

Right from hitting snooze in the morning (does this count as a hobby??) to chit chatting at work to feeling like an explorer on a YouTube voyage – it’s just the wrong idea we have in every bit of us that we have time. We are just so cute and adorable.


While I have no idea, nor do  I have any credibility to comment on ‘living right’ – my thought is (not that anyone cares) – doing what feels right for you. No pretence, no lying to yourself, no convincing yourself about being ‘fine’ with things, not adjusting with your dreams. Basically when you sleep at night or even pause for a moment to think – you feel what you are doing is taking you in the direction you want. You don’t necessarily have to know what you want in life, making sure you are satisfied about using your time in a way that makes it feel worthwhile TO YOU.


Again, use your time wisely – basically the summary of the previous two thoughts. It simply means having a growth perspective , which is obviously saying no to binge watching Netflix (unless it’s Suits… Suits is ok.. Suits is the best.. Suits is promoting growth perspective) or feeling like an explorer on a YouTube voyage (I love this phrase I just created..I’m pretty sure I’m going to use it more).

In a nutshell – be a new soul and have the urgency in doing what you want to do.   It’s simple, but not easy – no wonder not many of us are getting it right.

… On a side note, I am only following my second goal of reading regularly – currently reading ‘Now You See It’ by Cathy Davidson. A really intriguing book I would like to say. More on that when I finish it and get to write my first book review post. pfft… I haven’t revisited or anything the regular reading to check upon myself .. am I the only one who sets high goals and feels like a douche-bag when I read them later…


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