10 Quick tips for easy cooking

Having read a recent post by a fellow blogger, I thought I would share a few quick tips that I have learnt in the past 5 years – some the hard way – some by observing others – some from the tips I got from friends in the same boat – some recent ones from my dad (I was surprised too!!) – and some from my lovely mom of course..

Ok the basic assumption is you want good food, but you want them done away quick and want to home cook because outsourcing food is expensive + unhealthy. Another one, that you live somewhere where domestic help / maid services are not that common, or you haven’t reached that income level (yet) for that privilege. And if you are living in countries like India – One, I am so jealous of you – and two, please employ a maid to do your cooking and cleaning. You will provide someone a good livelihood, please play them well, and you will set a very good example for outsourcing work and focus on better things in life.

  1. Weekend cooking or preps for the week – can be done on a Monday also if the weekend was spent travelling. – Take that time and sacrifice your Monday evening for this and you will thank yourself for the rest of the week.
  2. When making rotis – make a few extra – put them in zip locks or cling wraps in sets of 3 or 4 or how many ever (rolling eyes) rotis you eat – and freeze them. 2 minutes in microwave and they are yumm as ever.
  3. When making daal –  boil plain daal and use that to make whatever you want to do (takes a bit more time but will help you later) – boil a bit extra and freeze it in small containers – can be used for making rasam / sambar / a different variety of daal during the week.
  4. On the same page – if you are a south Indian – you know the importance of tamarind pulp – and how long it takes to extract it. Soak plenty tamarind over night – pulp it out the next morning – put them in small containers – and store them in fridge. Again, quick and easy for use in rasam / sambar / chutney.
  5. Onion-Tomato base – this one is used in almost all the curries we make. Do a lot of it with the basic ingredients – store them in small containers in the freezer – you will thank yourself later (and me too..and the aunty I learnt this from). You can chuck them with the daal that is ready in your freezer and lo! You have a dish ready in a minute – you can do something else while these two blend together in the microwave.
  6. Invest in a good vegetable chopper. I got one as a birthday gift, and I don’t know what I would do without it now.
  7. Invest in a good dough mixer for rotis. If you find a good roti maker – why not. I have’t found one which is a good enough. If you do, let me know.
  8. This one again for the south Indian folks – Invest is a small grinder – and pass on it’s responsibility to your husband. Dosas and Idlis are such life savers and healthy too.
  9. Promote the consumption of rice over rotis – dude, making rice is so much easier. And convince everyone that it is healthier. You need certain carbs in your diet and starch helps you prepare for the energy storage in winter. And rice is easier to digest. You find more tips – let me know 😉
  10. Upma, poha, and bambino – you can make them at night for the morning breakfast. – customise the onion-tomato base for these one if you like.

Finally, a general blanket thought – think lazy and you will figure out short-cuts on your own.

And I am saying all this considering that you have a room-mate or husband who helps you – at least a little. If not, sorry mate! you are doomed..


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