Confessions of a book-a-holic

There is a sale going on near my house – book sale – clearance sale !!! 6 books for $20.

I know!!!

I went there one evening after work and they were closing in 20 minutes – I spent 10 – couldn’t pick the 6 books. So I said I will come back later…

You know the tendency of when you are a book lover – you are a book hoarder too.

Definition of Book Hoarding:

v. book hoarding is an act or phenomena of carefully selecting and collecting books with the intention of reading it one day. It stems from the root cause of your love of reading books.
n. book hoarder

Main Characteristics:

A book hoarder derives extreme pleasure in knowing that s/he has a collection of those books. A book hoarder also loves a good display of all the books hoarded even if it is for his/her own / personal viewing pleasure. A book hoarder also day dreams of reading through all those books one by one.

Note: Book hoarding is a continuous phenomena and an ongoing process. 

So, I set out to check out the book sale – the website said it closes at 6 and when I went at 4:30 it had already closed. How heartbreaking. Now you tell could you have slept peacefully…? So the next day I rocked up there at 1:30 !! aha!

From aisle one at the back of the wall – I browsed – scanning to find something familiar. Found a couple of well known Indian authors – Arvind Adiga , Vikram Chandra. Scanned more – found a few management books. History. Then V.S.Naipaul. Ramachandra Guha!!! In…In…In…

Now here’s the thing – I do not buy just for the sake of it – so while scanning and finding books – I also include googling the books for reviews. Goodreads is my go to reviewer. Bagged a few, rejected a lot. A few of them were big bulky ones – so I had to leave them at the billing counter on the side.

I was there at the book store for a good 2 hours. And when I left – I was happy… did my groceries too and that too with a smile on my face.

*The only shopping I have incredible patience for – is book shopping*

Pls note, I have already bought a lot of books from that place which I still haven’t finished, the latest purchase before this being 3 weeks ago – 2 books about Google.

Right, so I came back and called by brother – who shares my genes for book love – and we get it from our dad. And yes, my mom is going crazy with the 3 of us in the house.

And here’s a piece of our conversation…

me: dude… 6 books for $20 – that’s like Rs.1000 – so damn cheap

bhai: cool man that a great price. When you go next see if you can find ……. *a big list*

me: I know… msg me all that & I”ll check. Seriously man.. what a great bargain. 6 for 20 bucks and 1 for 4 dollars.

bhai: That’s so cheap re!! So what? You bought all 6 books???

Me: mad or what?








[long pause – suggestion 6 are too much]







me: I bought 18 ! 🙂


I know I’m good for a long long time now.

And I also know I will be going there again….and will I buy more books?

🙂 you know the answer!!





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