Turning 30

Turning 30 is such a social pressure. You must have a ‘must do by 30 list’. And you must discuss it with others. You must have a big party. And you must tell everyone. You must have big plans. And you must share it on social media. You must…. a lot of things. And everyone must know. 👻

Turning 30 is just a social pressure.

Nothing else changes. Nothing has changed for me. My life still sucks. I still feel inadequate. I still don’t know where my career is taking me. I still don’t have a stable relationship. I am still uncertain about a lot of things. So is the case with most of the ‘turning 30 soon’ or ‘just turned 30’ mob. If you are in this age range and you have something figured out… if you are where you thought you would be.. and things have planned out as per your plans even if more or less – please tell the rest of us what you did and how. And do DM me with your life coaching offer! 🙏

Turning 30 is an unnecessary hype. You don’t need it, but you definitely get it. Some of us don’t even want it.. but lo! There it is. All the hype. People older than you tell you it’s no big deal, there’s so much to life. 40 is a bigger deal. You’re still so young. 👶Kiddos younger than 30 think it’s the end of your life and look at you with that look ‘I would do things differently than you have. You have made so many mistakes’. 👵🏽 And there’s heaps of comparison with people your age – better and worse, you’ll get plenty of gyan.

Turning 30 is a nightmare. An ideal 30 is where you:

have a well paying job and doing something really great.

are married or tying the knot soon

have your first kid (at least) or have declare you are popping one out soon.

have a house

live on your own.

Anything amiss, and it’s a nightmare. If it’s more than one thing missing – good lord, good luck! Here, some lucky charms for you 🍀 🕊 🎋

No matter what you do, at 30, you are not winning.

One thing is for sure. It’s a revelation. Age is just a number. If nothing else, you get more assertive in your decisions – because now you can say… I’m 30 for god sakes, I know what’s right! Age matters, at least when it comes to winning arguments.

For rest of the nonsense, nothing changes. Nothing runs faster. Nothing stops. Life goes on, and so will you. And in a blink, you’ll be a wiser 40!



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