The law of averages

This article is from the newspaper Deccan Herald (Sunday Herald supplement), written by Monideepa Sahu.
I can’t agree more…with every word in it.


We rush to worship mediocrity, and are suspicious of anyone with superior abilities. DH photo

 We rush to worship mediocrity, and are suspicious of  anyone with superior abilities. If someone dares to push for  genuine change and improvement, we systematically close  ranks to shut him out and pretend superlatives cannot exist. But,  does popular appeal alone justify commonplace mediocrity?


Are we as a society guilty of herding together within the confines of mainstream mediocrity?

Don’t we, like the proverbial crabs, pull down anyone who dares to be better, back into our shallow intellectual buckets?

Did an eminent Indian hit the nail on the head by reportedly stating that 90 per cent of our countrymen are idiots? Continue reading


Women, find your voice

This has been copied from ‘The Hindu’  Newspaper. Not a word in it is mine.

During decades of leadership coaching, we have consistently heard women say that they feel less effective in meetings than they do in other business situations. Some say that their voices are ignored or drowned out. Others tell us that they can’t find a way into the conversation. Their male colleagues and managers have witnessed the phenomenon. In fact, several men reported seeing a female colleague get rattled or remain silent even when she was the expert at the table.

Continue reading

Ignoring better half pulls down progress

Tax incentives, good infrastructure, clean politics and efficient bureaucracy are all known to improve the competitiveness of a nation to attract global investments or emerge as places to do business. So does the quality of human talent. And, India, being a beneficiary on that count as far as knowledge workers are concerned, should know that better. Essentially, it should mean that countries that give their women a better deal or strive to narrow the gender gap should have a lot going for them. After all, women account for half the world’s population — and half of the world’s potential talent base.  Continue reading

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