Airtel 4G – India

Omg! What the f**k is the problem with Airtel. Why would they cast such an ANNOYING model to promote their ad.

First they got her to tell everyone what airtel 4G does…..then they got her to meddle among people and challenge them ‘who can download faster’….. then she started talking up at random places on the PA systems and TELLING everyone about airtel 4G….. and now she is yapping about duniya(world) being gol(round) and not 4G….jo…..gol….nahi….hai…. (which……..not……round……).

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People who harbour fragmented houses should not demand acceptance in others!

I am being appalled every time I see the news about this newly formed Telangana state.

First, it was formed on the mere basis of having development and jobs for the ‘Telangana’ people, which apparently are being taken over by the ‘Andhra’ people. So, there was a lot of politics involved and this state was created. This narrow approach is not going to take us anywhere good.

Second, looking at the approach and mannerism it seems more like anti-andhra than pro-telangana. The recent survey that was conducted, it was for asking about their ancestral background on the basis of which the two categories can be separated. Well, the reasons are being portrayed differently, but the common opinion is that the new state wants to get rid of andhra people, and secure all the jobs and facilities for the telangana folks. Remember, the partition of Bengal back in 1905 was given the face of administrative difficulties when the real reason was fragmenting the hub of anti-British protests? I would draw a similar analogy here. Continue reading

I think I also should comment on the recent UPSC dramas.

Omg! I never expected to see such (uncivilized) protests by people who are aspiring to be in the top echelons on bureaucracy. For some changes that were introduced in 2011 it is very interesting that such uproar is being staged now. It’s the 4th year for gods sake!

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Let there be a mark!! But what? Where? When? – The story of ‘sindoor’

I wonder how the hindu society came up with the convention to symbolise women according their relationship status. Obviously women didn’t have any role or say in it, considering their age old suppressed position in the society. So it is the men of that age who would have come up with all sorts of conventions.

*Setting: A usual mid-day, a group of men discussing random things under a banyan tree, burping after their breakfast*

Someone cracked a joke and everyone went, “haha haha haha…. That was a good one”

Stud 1: Dude! Don’t you find it difficult when you look at these kanyas(girls) in their colourful ghaghras and sarees, to tell whether they are available or not? Continue reading