Office survival guide

Whether you work in corporate, government, university, school, McDonalds, or White House, if you have a boss you report to, you need some shortcuts and strategies to survive the stint. If you work for yourself, you have the customers who’re judging you. The rules are same.

1. Be the early bird. If you are at your desk before your boss, you have the first mover advantage and you can leave before them. Nothing turns on a boss than seeing their supervisee come before them. So they can’t complain if you finish before they do.

If you work at a place with different start times or flexi work, always let them know when you clock on and off.

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5 types of jerks at work

We all have a mixed bag of a****les at work, but here are the major categories.

Jerk Type 1: The whinging whiny

This one will only whinge…long about how much they have on their plates, how unfair it is for them to do all this work with no recognition, and how they are not looking for rewards but they would like to be acknowledged for it. They are the only ones who care and how it frustrated them to see others just not give a tiny rats ass about anything around. They are saying how awesome they are but in the tone they have mastered.

All they are asking is…..praise me, pity me, I am a saint.

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