I would like it too!


I see them in the morning everyday

Neatly dressed, looking fresh, and hopping their way.

I see them happy, with their bags, in their tidy plaited hair.

I wonder where they go?


I see them for five days in a row

But the next two? No. They don’t go. Continue reading


Age – No Bar


“Shhhh…” shouted the instructor.  “May I have ‘please’ have your attention!!”   “I have been asked to take this session as your regular trainer is not available” “Lord, it so difficult to have them not talk to each other”, she might have said that to herself, definitely!

School kids? Kinder gardeners? College students? No! She was not handling any bunch of noisy kids. And definitely not newly joined graduates in an office. The lot was a lot sensible and mature than any of these types; a group of individuals, who voluntarily enrolled themselves for this course in an open university, and by interaction I can tell you that this act(of taking up this course) was out of sheer interest. One thing I could conclude was that, anyone, rather everyone sitting on classroom benches are bitten by the ‘talkative’ bug, regardless of the age, profession, or gender. You may be the strictest of all the teachers or the CEO of a big company, once you are on the receiving side of a lecture/presentation/seminar, the bug bite does take a toll on your behaviour, and a toll on the presenter of course. That was one part of my lessons of the day.  Continue reading