Turning 30

Turning 30 is such a social pressure. You must have a ‘must do by 30 list’. And you must discuss it with others. You must have a big party. And you must tell everyone. You must have big plans. And you must share it on social media. You must…. a lot of things. And everyone must know. 👻

Turning 30 is just a social pressure.

Nothing else changes. Nothing has changed for me. My life still sucks. I still feel inadequate. I still don’t know where my career is taking me. I still don’t have a stable relationship. I am still uncertain about a lot of things. So is the case with most of the ‘turning 30 soon’ or ‘just turned 30’ mob. If you are in this age range and you have something figured out… if you are where you thought you would be.. and things have planned out as per your plans even if more or less – please tell the rest of us what you did and how. And do DM me with your life coaching offer! 🙏

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This Generation & That Generation

Came across an interesting ‘clichéd‘ conversation about “this generation” – the present 20’s and 30’s. It’s a usual sound when 2 people of “that generation” – the present 40’s and 50’s talk. They can go on and on digging what all is wrong with “this generation“. Having been listening to them for quiet a while,  I tried to reason the reasons behind all the rising decibels whenever this topic gets teased.

The usual complaint  talk is that “this generation” is lazy, procrastinating, couch potatoes, lethargic, irresponsible, not futuristic, not careful, immature, impatient, materialistic, disrespectful, spendthrifts………..The list is in every sense endless. Everything about “this generation” is not right. Habits. Manners. Thinking. Approach. Posture. Lifestyle. Priorities.

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Instant Review

It is an amusing delight to see the changing device characteristics of us species. It is the same generation that waited patiently as kids to have the photos clicked, sent the negatives to the photo shop, await them to be developed, and get to glance at the photos when they are home, like say after about 10 days. And this same generation gets impatient in 5 seconds when you don’t show them the photo just clicked – 5 seconds ago. It ‘has’ to be sent to their phone via Whatsapp –  instantly, so that they can upload it on their Facebook – instantly, and person sitting next or the one who clicked the photo ‘must’ be tagged – instantly, and his/her girlfriend/boyfriend ‘must’ like it, yes  instantly. No waiting time, what-so-ever and for what-ever reason, is acceptable.  Continue reading