Jobless Diary – 2

Huh! It’s so damn tough to be jobless. You don’t have any deadlines, you don’t have to look up to something, you have so much time that Murphy’s law is at its best. There won’t be any good movies or shows on the TV, the shopping centres would have depressing collection of everything…shoes, bags, make-up, clothes, accessories, home decor, car decor, pet decor…everything, guests would stop coming, your friends would be super busy, there would be no festivals that can give you something to do, and about waiting for your favourite sitcoms to be aired…don’t even get me started on that.  Continue reading


Jobless diary

So there is untold universal rule that you don’t park your vehicle right in front of someone else’s gate or driveway. It’s common sense rather.  Especially when there is this sign: ‘No Parking‘. In case you urgently need to for a short while, take permission from the owners.

Wish it was that simple.  There are new specimens I find daily who think of it as their birth right to park their vehicles wherever they please.  Wherever. Just where ever.  Continue reading