The Hongkong transit Màoxiǎn shíjiān

I googled voraciously and started dreaming about the drunken pleasure I would get by venturing out on my own, at an absolutely unknown place, just by myself. I have always wanted to do that. I was so wasted for a couple of hours in those thoughts. 🙂  Hah! and then all the awesome-transforming euphoria was butchered by my dad’s news reading obsession . “There are protests going on there”. That was all he said. And I could see my dreams spilling all over like the milkmaid’s. I read up, and huh! Why do people have to read news. :/

So, all the thoughts had to be hushed up whenever they jumped up like the air bubbles in the bath! There is still a month to go. May be everyone would make up and call it truce.

Come December 16 and there I land in Hongkong. Breakfast in air, brush in the loo, and I am all set. Information centre, and they have everything printed out for you. Probably because they won’t guide you much verbally. Bhasha ka problem you see.
(Language problem)

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I think I also should comment on the recent UPSC dramas.

Omg! I never expected to see such (uncivilized) protests by people who are aspiring to be in the top echelons on bureaucracy. For some changes that were introduced in 2011 it is very interesting that such uproar is being staged now. It’s the 4th year for gods sake!

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