Airtel 4G – India

Omg! What the f**k is the problem with Airtel. Why would they cast such an ANNOYING model to promote their ad.

First they got her to tell everyone what airtel 4G does…..then they got her to meddle among people and challenge them ‘who can download faster’….. then she started talking up at random places on the PA systems and TELLING everyone about airtel 4G….. and now she is yapping about duniya(world) being gol(round) and not 4G….jo…..gol….nahi….hai…. (which……..not……round……).

What the …………..??? Continue reading


I would like it too!


I see them in the morning everyday

Neatly dressed, looking fresh, and hopping their way.

I see them happy, with their bags, in their tidy plaited hair.

I wonder where they go?


I see them for five days in a row

But the next two? No. They don’t go. Continue reading

The law of averages

This article is from the newspaper Deccan Herald (Sunday Herald supplement), written by Monideepa Sahu.
I can’t agree more…with every word in it.


We rush to worship mediocrity, and are suspicious of anyone with superior abilities. DH photo

 We rush to worship mediocrity, and are suspicious of  anyone with superior abilities. If someone dares to push for  genuine change and improvement, we systematically close  ranks to shut him out and pretend superlatives cannot exist. But,  does popular appeal alone justify commonplace mediocrity?


Are we as a society guilty of herding together within the confines of mainstream mediocrity?

Don’t we, like the proverbial crabs, pull down anyone who dares to be better, back into our shallow intellectual buckets?

Did an eminent Indian hit the nail on the head by reportedly stating that 90 per cent of our countrymen are idiots? Continue reading

Let there be a mark!! But what? Where? When? – The story of ‘sindoor’

I wonder how the hindu society came up with the convention to symbolise women according their relationship status. Obviously women didn’t have any role or say in it, considering their age old suppressed position in the society. So it is the men of that age who would have come up with all sorts of conventions.

*Setting: A usual mid-day, a group of men discussing random things under a banyan tree, burping after their breakfast*

Someone cracked a joke and everyone went, “haha haha haha…. That was a good one”

Stud 1: Dude! Don’t you find it difficult when you look at these kanyas(girls) in their colourful ghaghras and sarees, to tell whether they are available or not? Continue reading

What can we do? The market trend is like that!

Our houses are such unwieldy property that we are often imprisoned rather than housed by them. – Henry David Thoreau

The moment you graduate and start earning, advice pours in from every mouth you know – save money, don’t spend it all, invest your money, make it grow, invest in gold, sign up with an insurance plan, save up for your house. Save up for your house, that’s what has bothered me amongst everything. Well, it is good advice to buy a house of your own. Big or small, you need to have a house that you can call your own. Not rented, not leased, but owned by you. I’m sure it gives a wonderful feeling to sit in the balcony and sip your coffee the day you have paid off all your loans you took for the house. Continue reading