Airtel 4G – India

Omg! What the f**k is the problem with Airtel. Why would they cast such an ANNOYING model to promote their ad.

First they got her to tell everyone what airtel 4G does…..then they got her to meddle among people and challenge them ‘who can download faster’….. then she started talking up at random places on the PA systems and TELLING everyone about airtel 4G….. and now she is yapping about duniya(world) being gol(round) and not 4G….jo…..gol….nahi….hai…. (which……..not……round……).

What the …………..??? Continue reading


Instant Review

It is an amusing delight to see the changing device characteristics of us species. It is the same generation that waited patiently as kids to have the photos clicked, sent the negatives to the photo shop, await them to be developed, and get to glance at the photos when they are home, like say after about 10 days. And this same generation gets impatient in 5 seconds when you don’t show them the photo just clicked – 5 seconds ago. It ‘has’ to be sent to their phone via Whatsapp –  instantly, so that they can upload it on their Facebook – instantly, and person sitting next or the one who clicked the photo ‘must’ be tagged – instantly, and his/her girlfriend/boyfriend ‘must’ like it, yes  instantly. No waiting time, what-so-ever and for what-ever reason, is acceptable.  Continue reading