Someone stop this time…

Someone please stop this time, or at least tell me what’s going on with it going so fast.. seriously!

Almost 3 and 1/2 months gone?? But I just made my resolutions. I now seriously doubt that the earth is spinning a lot faster than earlier. Can a scientist please take this up and research on it. Please. You will do everyone a huge favour. Please. ok. Please.

So while I crib time’s flying and wait for a miracle to happen, let’s look at it the way it is – time & tide wait for none. Learnt it once, feel it every day.

Here are a few thoughts that will help jolt back to reality.

#1you think you have time

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This Generation & That Generation

Came across an interesting ‘clichéd‘ conversation about “this generation” – the present 20’s and 30’s. It’s a usual sound when 2 people of “that generation” – the present 40’s and 50’s talk. They can go on and on digging what all is wrong with “this generation“. Having been listening to them for quiet a while,  I tried to reason the reasons behind all the rising decibels whenever this topic gets teased.

The usual complaint  talk is that “this generation” is lazy, procrastinating, couch potatoes, lethargic, irresponsible, not futuristic, not careful, immature, impatient, materialistic, disrespectful, spendthrifts………..The list is in every sense endless. Everything about “this generation” is not right. Habits. Manners. Thinking. Approach. Posture. Lifestyle. Priorities.

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