I think I also should comment on the recent UPSC dramas.

Omg! I never expected to see such (uncivilized) protests by people who are aspiring to be in the top echelons on bureaucracy. For some changes that were introduced in 2011 it is very interesting that such uproar is being staged now. It’s the 4th year for gods sake!

The CSAT that they are protesting about, it’s just too random. Well, understood that people from vernacular background have difficulty in competing with the so called ‘urban’ educated peers. But seeing only the ‘hindi speaking junta’ at the forefront makes me wonder. The question paper is in hindi too! Yes, there may be absurdity in translating the content into hindi from english, and we should fix that. But demanding to scrap the paper altogether is funny. Moreover, it is not a 10th or 12th class examination that the level of difficulty is so objectionable. I don’t want to come out rude but come on! You are not applying for a clerical post.

This CSAT is nothing but a mixture of comprehension passages, some basic math and data analysis, logical reasoning, and ethical decision making in the form of multiple choice questions. So far it’s been, 80 questions in 120 minutes. Yes, one needs practice to get the speed and accuracy, but they are quite doable. Moreover, all the competitive exams for any job have similar questions, probably tougher time constraints and difficulty.

And all the politicization that’s been happening, well, they are just being opportunistic. The grade of politics in India is such that for anything that is being demanded, ALL the parties not in power have to cry foul. Even if it is absolutely useless, absurd, out of the box exaggeration. They HAVE to comment. And blame the govt. It’s so cute that the party under whose rule the changes were introduced at the first place is now joining the protests! Can it get any funnier anywhere else?

I really don’t want to get started on the decision making part by the govt., and the way it is being handled. Around 20th July they say, “we will come out with a decision in 2-3 days, we have formed a committee, it’s a high priority issue…and the usual nice words”, and it’s been 2-3 days 3 times since then and still they claim they will come out with a decision in 2-3 days. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could let us know 2-3 days counting from when? It’s about 3.5 weeks for the scheduled exam and everyone is hanging in the air.

Well, I guess this strategy is also good to test the mettle and mental agility of the mob that they want to work for the govt. Interesting!

I don’t know what and when anything would be finalised. All I know is that any decision can’t please everyone. And if people are out there with such attitude to make a big hue and cry about anything and everything that does and does not have any rational basis….well, no comments.

Being in the rat race myself, I thought I should also comment on this and voice my 2 cents, which has been burgeoning in me everytime I flipped through the new channels to catch up on the current affairs in my break time, and all I saw was this performance by my fellow aspirants…and I think to myself, are these the people who want to serve the nation in their best capacity…and is this their best? Is this the most civilized way to raise your apprehensions…or is this the only way left in our country to have your voice heard?

Alright, I guess enough of dwelling into this mystery. I should get back to studying.
Economics…sorry  baby…here I come!


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